Welcome to Areca Resort & Spa where you can enjoy the ultimate experience amid nature and cultural inspiration in the heart of Phuket. Areca, another name for a tropical Asian palm (Betel Nut Palm or Maksong in Thai), is a new lifestyle built in elegant Contemporary Balinese style amid a lush tropical garden of Betel Palms and various trees.
From the first step when you enter the hotel, you can feel the zephyr wind flowing and smell of ancient brick-red of which each was handmade and baked in charcoal. So every brick that has been used in Areca Resort & Spa has its own strength and uniqueness. Most of the hotel is decorated with ancient brick-red in contemporary Balinese style and stucco and developed with both a sacred and serene ambiance.
At Areca Resort & Spa, we provide a full service of Spa & Massage in YAREY, a spacious spa room specially designed for tranquility and relaxation, luxurious Outdoor Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi & Pool Bar in serene garden ambience, dining area in beautiful Contemporary Balinese style of PENA Restaurant, and a grand lounge in the Lobby, with 24-hour reception and Wi-fi internet access to all rooms. With the richness of cultural inspiration and great hospitality in the hotel, your luxurious stay at Areca Resort & Spa will induce a pleasant sense of wellbeing and the most memorable stay, like nowhere else in Phuket.